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As more and more travellers are requesting authentic travel experiences, Private Tours and/or Private experiences are  truly one of the most popular travel services  that offer the greatest value for your travel investment.
It can be difficult to find unique vacation options and authentic experiences when your time in a new destination is limited. A private tour offers the perfect balance of unparalleled flexibility, and personalized to your interests such as dining locations “not for the masses”, plus the opportunity to explore off-the-beat-track villages, and an overall attention to details in the most curated way possible.

Tailored to your specific needs, desires and curiosity. Sharing together in unique way unforgettable experiences, special events, excellent guides and first-rate stays according to your taste.



The flexibility of your own group allows you the opportunity to really dig in deep with the history  of a destination and to have a more authentic look into the Italian culture. Having an expert and licensed Guide throughout your journey, catering only to your group provides a unique rapport allowing you to feel the freedom of enjoying the cities as you wish with the bountiful knowledge of an insider embarking with you in this journey.

Depending on the destination, your guide can travel exclusively in your private vehicle where the information sharing doesn’t stop, think of it as  a road trip with a best friend who is a local, and who converses with you every step providing insight on every day-to-day life, providing little antidotes as well as important information on economic, political, historical and cultural aspects, and shares personal experiences of living the destination as a local.

Alitours offers pre-built itineraries as suggestions (See for example past client itineraries below). Our itineraries can also be changed or created in order to suit your expectations. Everything from accommodations to meals, and activities like cooking classes are taken care of, here are some examples:

  • Art & History Classes
  • Regional Cooking Classes
  • Regional Wine or Champagne Tasting
  • Castle Visits
  • Foodie Tours (Cheese, Ham, Prosciutto, Vinegar, Truffle, Chocolate etc.)
  • Scooter Drive or Bike Rental Experiences
  • Classic Vintage Fiat 500 Driver Experience
  • Horse-back riding and/or Horse and Carriage Experience(s)
  • Gladiator School for a Day Experience
  • Visiting  Important cultural or historical sights ( Colosseum,  Spanish Steps etc.)
  • Visiting  Important Ruins  (Pompeii, Agrigento  etc.)
  • Visiting Surrounding Islands (Sicily, Sardinia and even Malta)
  • Taking part of special folklore or community events (Il Palio, Wine Harvesting, Carnivals etc.)
  • Regional Artisan Classes (Lace Making, Jewellery, Sewing and other )
  • Religious Sites (The Vatican, Assisi etc.)
  • Sport Stadium Visits, Games and Tickets
  • Theatre and Opera Events and Tickets
  • Ferrari Experiences (Visiting the track as well as racing)
  • Make your own Carnival Mask Classes in Venice
  • Glass Blowing Classes in Venice
… and much much more



With you and your chosen traveling companions as the sole clients, it’s all about you. If there are things you would rather skip or would hate to miss, we make sure we arrange it as so. Traveling independently with your group alone, gives you the special perk of having full control over what you do and where you go. First, you decide who joins in on the tour. This may mean just your immediate family, your extended family, or your invited friends.  This affords you the privacy that you might come to want during a get-away trip, and makes dreams like renting a large family Villa in Tuscany more feasible, and affordable.

Also, a private GROUP TOUR might be the best option when it comes to special celebratory trips. Some examples are honeymoon trips, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, family reunions or “once-in-a-lifetime” milestone vacations with family or friends! These kind of lifetime achievements are obviously more enjoyable when spent with just your loved ones, knowing it is an intimate setting, exclusive and only for your party,  while being able to sit back and fully enjoy your time knowing everything is taken care of for you by your Italian destinations specialists.



In a Private Tour, it is as if you are the leading runner who sets the pace in a race. The tour will follow YOU.

In this case, your custom itinerary offers the most flexibility in terms of timing, for services and experiences at times that best suit you. While some days are built around a specific schedule for good reason (visiting the Colosseum & Vatican Museums at specific times avoids large tourist groups) on most days however you re pretty flexible so you can pack as much or as little you want in one day, and include time for the beach, shopping or even to sleep in.

Private Services like day trips that involve a lot of driving save travel time with  smaller vehicles as they can travel faster and won’t have as frequent time-consuming legally-mandated rest stops, and the door-to-door pick-up and drop-off is so convenient and a time saver, allowing extra time to visit and experience the things you want to see and do. For example if you want to stare at your  favorite piece of art for 5 minutes, or stop for gelato when you want, then you must have the chance to do so!

It’s all about time. Time is money, choosing a private tour means making better use of your hours and days. Why? Because it makes every minute special.



Rely on our private transportation to get you around by private car or minibus. While a large tour bus has difficulties fitting down smaller streets or roads, your car or minibus should have no problem making it easier to see more intimate places and lesser known piazza’s and villages brining you as close as possible to the excitement, since there will be no limitations because of your tour group or vehicle size. On a bus with 25 other strangers you can hardly ask the driver to take a detour to a village or site you really want to see. With private tours you often will have the freedom of adding some detours* with some unexpected sightseeing opportunities to your day and really make the most of your time in Bella Italia.



As you might have already thought, Private Tours and Private Experiences traditionally cost more money, however because you are planing the vacation you want, you aren’t wasting money on things you don’t want to do or see therefore your dollar amount has much more value. In fact, if you’re traveling with a group of 4+ people, a private guide will only be slightly a little bit more than a small group tour. I you don’t wish to visit more than one church or historical site a day, then you don’t have to, if you want a special or unique property for you stay, you should! You can decide what to include  such as how many meals and where you dine, if you want to include entrance fees or not, if you want to stay in moderate or luxury properties or perhaps a combination of both, or whether  you want a guide for the entire time or only in part.

Ultimately, Private Services and/or Groups may command a higher price, but the experience they offer is truly invaluable.

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