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Alitours offers travelers many ways of visiting Bella Italia – the beautiful country.

With a seemingly endless profusion of churches, museums and beaches to be explored, a custom itinerary and package can help travelers maximize their limited time. It’s easier than you think, and more affordable than ever!
Alitours is a leading seller of Italy vacations. Offering tours, travel packages, and vacations to suit all travelers needs. Italy offers everything from ancient architecture, art, romance and wonderful cuisine. Glide down the canals of Venice in a gondola, see Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel or go wine tasting through Tuscany.

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What is F.I.T ?

In tourism, the definition mostly describes a travel services meant for a “Foreign Independent Traveller” or “Free Individual Traveller.” This may include a pre-built or published independent itinerary, tour, or package designed to the individual’s preference and travel needs. This can also include a customized service. To get a better sense of “custom travel,” continue reading.

What is a custom itinerary?

A custom itinerary is a blueprint of a vacation package/itinerary that an individual traveler will specifically create and includes everything they need to fully enjoy Italy, with a choice of how what and how many services.

 A Custom Itinerary is Perfect for Travelers who:

– Want to ensure they are visiting the best destinations according to personal preferences and expectations
– Don’t want to worry about how to get around the area or which transportation option is best
– Can’t wait days or weeks for confirmation from a hotel, guide or restaurant
– Don’t enjoy searching online for hard-to-find classes, tours, excursions and transfers
– Need assistance in researching and planning their trip
– Want to maximize their time and money in Italy
– Enjoy having insider information
– The assurance that everything is booked and confirmed prior to arrival
– Appreciate the security of having an Italy expert who will communicate their desires locally
– Want to know someone is there throughout their trip to troubleshoot, translate and advise them

Custom Itineraries/Packages are also great for Groups with special interests!

Art & History Classes
Cooking Classes
Community Organizations
Faculty Groups
Family Reunions
Fashion Classes
Marketing Classes
Musical Ensembles
Philosophy Classes
Photography Classes
Religious Groups
Senior Classes
Sports Teams
Theatre Clubs
Various Businesses
Yoga Classes
Youth Groups
And Any Other Group That Travels!

Other F.I.T Services

Don’t want a fully customized itinerary? We can also modify existing itineraries or use a pre-built independent package and tailor it to the traveler’s liking with substitutions, additions or upgrades. Click here to view independent vacation packages.

Private Groups/Individual Services

We also offer tours and itineraries outside historic/urban locations to discover country sides such as Tivoli, Frascati, Ostia Antica and other locations.

Whether travelers wish to experience wine tasting in Chianti or, interested in visiting the many designer outlet stores, there are many things to see and do in order to discover and truly experience Italy. Alitours’ Private tours are personalized to best satisfy even the most demanding guests, meaning that our drivers will pick up travelers at any location and at any time, and be at their complete disposal. More than anything, we are specialized to do it in the best way while guaranteeing safety, comfort, quality and cost.

A traveler’s Italy vacation will be planned to suit their needs and interests while maximizing the time they have at their disposal, avoiding stops at sites they are NOT interested in, or having to leave a particular site before they are ready. Click here to read more about excursions and sight seeings.

Questions and Answers:

Q. Why Choose a Custom Itinerary?

  • We study individual requirements carefully, to create an itinerary around the sights specific individuals will find enjoyable based on their specific needs, preferences and interests.
  • Into Fashion? We’ll take travelers to designer shops, fashion houses, and perhaps even a runway show.
  • Diving or snorkeling enthusiast? The Caribbean is not the only place with white sand and turquoise waters. Beautiful beaches can be also found in Italy.
  • Ever watched a movie or read a book and wish you were in the same place as the setting? Now you can! Featuring “Eat, Pray Love”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “Letters to Juliette”, and “Twilight” packages.

Q. I’ve never been to Italy, and I am unfamiliar with the country, how do I create a custom Itinerary?

  • It’s simple! Contact us and we will send you our detailed questionnaire, which allows us to gear the itinerary to your specifications.
  • We send you back a draft itinerary with suggested numbers of nights in each destination and sort out logistically the best route.
  • You approve the outline, with any adjustments you feel necessary.
  • Together, we complete or re-modify as necessary perhaps this time adding activities, tours and/or transportation
  • We will arrange a 30-minute phone consultation
  • Once you’ve approved the details, we can insert services starting with Accommodation (Resorts, Villa, Castle, Apartment, Hotel), suggest, restaurants, hot-spots, shopping ideas, and free time and alternative options
  • We print out your detailed program and mail it to you with full details with prices and will make changes, additions and adjustments until you say it’s perfect!
  • Once you approve your itinerary, we’ll book everything-and confirm them instantly!