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Simply put- sometimes it does come down to who you know…. and with our local partners, family, and friends – we help get you the very best value, while helping you experience the best of times, in the best of places- the best way possible –  experiencing Bella Italia – the Italian way.

Join us on TOUR…

When you join one of our semi or fully escorted tours, you benefit from the expertise that comes with more than 25 years of experience showing people the very best a destination has to offer. We’ve learned the ins and outs, the do’s and don’ts, making it a worry-free holiday. 

Let our family take care of you – we’ve planned all the details, found the right hotels, we’ve selected some of the best itineraries in the market from top art cities, to fashion districts, countrysides, and also included lesser known areas of Italy worth visiting for their exclusivity and natural beauty. 

Click below to see some examples from  2 day to 16 day experiences:


What’s Included:

Let the stress of planning take the backseat of your vacation, and let the joy of the experience drive you to a memorable, hassle-free vacation. All the tedious, time consuming (and sometimes confusing) process won’t be part of you trip when you have a  planned tour with people who know where to go, what to see, and how to get there.  Simply sit back, take in the sites, listen to the history, and collect a plethora of selfies you’ll want to share with everyone. 


  • Transportation to/from each city by deluxe Volvo or Mercedes motor coach bus.
  • Transportation to/from important historical sites – with planned activities amazing things to see and do.
  • Front-of the line entrance tickets to the most popular sites.
  • Tour Conductor – Like a personal concierge service on board with you, s/he will assist with all your tour package inclusions, and guide you along the way.
  • Local Guides at each site –  Discover and experience a location with someone who actually lives there! They are privy to the local culture, little-known facts, trivia and history, and insider information that only comes from a local.
  • Top Hotels- Centrally Located within walking distances of major attractions- perfect for some exploration on your leisure time.
  • Meals Included: 1-3 Meals a day.


*Want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth when you travel? With a touring vacation, you’ll pay 30-40% less for your vacation. Since services, hotels, sites, meals, and transportation are booked as part of a group — you can save each and every step along the way.  Welcome to our family!

*GUARANTEED DEPARTURE – Don’t you hate it when a friend or family member suddenly calls you to let you know they can’t make it to dinner, or have to reschedule? Well so do we! That is why all our GUARANTEED DEPARTURE Tours are just that – Guaranteed to depart with minimum of 2 people- so that means even though a specific date does not reach a maximum capacity it will still depart and you are still good to go! Just one of our ways we like to keep our clients smiling! 

Is a tour for me?

Let an Alitours representative get to know you a little better – ask a few questions, and find out whether a Tour is a great fit for you. 

Here is a brief explanation of the ABBREVIATIONS we, at Alitours use to describe certain services to better assist you.

Click on each word to read the description. 


    Escorted tours are perfect for people who want to maximize their vacation time and not
have to worry about planning and logistical details. The tour director travels with you from beginning to end of the tour
(in addition, Local Guides, will carry out further sightseeing upon travelers arrival in the historic centre). Escorted
tours normally include hotels, transportation, transfers to/from the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. Escorted tours are typically conducted by motor coach. They can be fast-paced, with no more than 2 nights
    spent in each location, or more leisurely, with more time spent overnight in a city.

    These tours are partially escorted, with more free time or days available to explore on your own. The tour normally includes hotels, transportation, transfers to/from the airport/hotel, some meals and sightseeing. An assistant will brief you on the first day and provide
    a tour program, and optional excursions (at extra cost) at your request. Some train travel may be involved. Transfer to/from the train station during the tour may
    not be included.

    These vacations are ideal for independent travelers looking
to set their own pace. These vacations usually spend 2 or 3 nights in each location. A tour guide is not included, there
may be a host available to answer questions and suggest sightseeing. Typically on an independent tour, the operator pre-books reservations, and provides you with the maps
and directions you’ll need to do the tour. Few meals and some sightseeing may be included, but a lot of free time to explore is available. Often these tours are self-drive, or include train tickets, and/or limited
    pre-booked transportation.

    These sightseeing excursions save you the hassle of figuring out an itinerary, finding your way to the sites, and transportation. Plus you will be taken to spots you may not even know existed. A guide will accompany the group to visit local areas of interest. Entrance fees may be included and line-ups are often avoided. These sightseeing / excursion services can be purchased separately, and can enrich your holiday with concentrated guided visits to major monuments, museums and sites of one or two cities
by bus or on foot, with a tour leader. They are usually half a day or 1 full day. *DIFFERENCE between REGULAR and PRIVATE Sightseeing/Excursions: REGULAR: Shared Transportation and Guide. Travelers will participate in services with other clients. PRIVATE: Transportation and guide is strictly for those who make the reservation. Passengers travel and visit sights alone (with the exception of the guide and driver).

    These popular packages are for the more independent traveler with a spirit of adventure. With more free time to explore on your own will include the use
    of a rental car for the ultimate go-at-your-own- pace vacation. These packages all come
with a guideline/itinerary on
what to see & do, and some packages may include hotel accommodations, meals and daily passes to important sight/seeing excursions, during the stay.

    Transportation provided for passengers to/from places of interest. These include Airports, Ports, Rail, Hotel, etc. both short and long distances. Means of transfer may be private vehicle, Motor coach, ferry, or train transportation from the airport to your hotel or city center, or point of interest (which ever is specified).

    This means the coach will stop with enough time to see a specific sight.

    A photo opportunity or brief stop of about 15 minutes.

    This means the coach will stop with enough time to see a specific sight.
  • SEE

    Your coach will drive by the site (time permitting allows more in depth exploration).

    Enough time to do as you please within an itinerary.

    No planned activities on this day. Time for your own independent explorations.

    Professional guides (mostly native) with specialized expertise in a specific city or region, who guide you on a visit to key attractions.

    Tour escort who schedules, manages your entire trip, and
is responsible to see that your vacation runs smoothly. He or she travels with you, helping with everything from coordinating hotel check-in and language translation, to advice on the best restaurants and sights to see.

      • BB = Bed & Breakfast
      • HB = Half Board (breakfast and dinner)
      • FB = Full Board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
      • AI = All Inclusive
DBL = Double Room consisting of 1 Queen or 1 King Bed (2 Adults per room)
      • DUS = Double room consisting of 1 Queen or 1 King Bed (used for 1 Adult only per room)
      • TPL = Triple room consisting of 1 Queen or 1 King Bed  + 1 Single Bed (either cot, extra bed or rollaway) (3 persons max per room)
      • QUAD = Quad room consisting of 2 Queen beds or 1 Queen  + 2 Single beds (either cot, extra bed or rollaway) (4 persons max per room)
      • STUDIO= 1 Bedroom Apartment which may or may not be divided by an interior wall, therefore may share a common area with the living space example- Sofa area/Kitchen/ Bedroom all in one space.
      • 1 BED ROOM Apartment = 1 Bedroom Apartment which is seperate from the living space (divided by a wall)