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Location: Greece
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sightseeiconPrivate Tour 6 hours tour with Citron & Wine Tasting

First stop will be at Dinoysos temple at Iria area, a temple with huge history and of course, we shall visit the small old-fashioned museum located there (Entrance Fee 2 € per person). Next stop at the impressive Archaic temple of Demeter where we will visit the restored ancient temple and the museum of the site (Entrance Fee 4€ per person). The following stop, the unique neoclassical village of Chalki. We shall stroll in the village, walk in the olive groves before we continue to our next stop the Byzantine chruch of Panagia Drossiani (6th cen AD) with impressive frescoes and unique architecture. Last stop before the mouthwatering tasting experience at the citron distillery we will visit Kouros, the impressive 6 meter long archaic statue lying on the ground. Finally an aproximatly 2 hours visist at the citron distillery/factory where you will try a fulfilling tasting experience with wine, citron, cheese and more delicacies. It will be the hightlight of the tour!

The tasting session is included in the price.

Seasonality: 01/05/23 – 31/10/23
Group Size: Max 6 Guests
Duration:   6 Hours
• Escort
• Transfers
• Tasting Session

Not Included:
• Entrance Fees to Demeter Temple and Dionysos Temple

$ PRICE:  Contact us for more info.