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Location: Greece
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sightseeiconBecome a farmer for a day!

At Gianni’s farm you can become a farmer for one day! Following his steps you will reach the paddock, there you will meet his 200 sheep and goats, you will have the opertuinity to feed them and of course do not hesitate to ask for milking in the traditional way. Take a short walk at the 500 crowns fo the farm, where the animals gaze freely all day. Surely your eye will fall on the old mitato, the one built by his great-grandfather. It’s time to visit Mrs. Soso’s in her henhouse and meet her friends. Do not forget to collect eggs ( Katerina will fry one for you later and you will go crazy!). Surely Giannis will suggest you walking among his trees, his oranges, pomegranates, cherries etc. And a little further away he will show you his wineyard, he watches it like his eyes, to give him his wine in August, while this imposing red tomato color will lure you intie the ‘’mpaxe’’ with all its goodies! Its time to drink a refreshing sour cherry under the wild olive tree and try Katerina’s pie. While meeting Lyka, the playfyl dog who enjoys the coolness of the olive tree and supervises the area!

Shall we make some cheese now? Arseniko or otherwise kefalotyri is the imposing cheese of the company, but xinotyro iw whart steals the impressions with its shapely shape. For lovers of the saltiest taste there is the touloumotyri and feta cheese. We will tell you all the secretes that the old people had to make their cheese, which was never missing from their table.
For the end we have left the best part! Go to the Mpaxe, cut a few zucchini, ask Giannis to give you a handful of grated kefalotyri and make a pumpkin pie with Katerina. Sit under the bougainvilla and enjoyt it!

Seasonality: 01/05/23 – 31/10/23
Duration:   4 Hours
Group Size:   Max 6 Guests
• Transfers
• Cheesemaking, Cooking, Lunch

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