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About the Hotel


Adegas do Pico is a set of twelve stone built houses located in Praínha, Pico island, where the guests enjoy the hospitality of Maria Serpa and the feeling of the traditional Azorean village.

The stone façades, cozy sandy beach and natural swimming pool; the awarded traditional gastronomy from local restaurant and the small grocery shops with its local products; and the always present seaview that Adegas do Pico and Praínha village have to offer embeds our guests in the genuine Pico island lifestyle.

Our Adegas do Pico houses were carefully restored one-by-one regarding both the traditional azorean trace and materials and meeting the comfort expected by our guests. We have provided that all the houses enjoy wide seaview and are equipped with cooking facilities, kitchen utensils and appliances, outdoor barbecue and TV.

Furthermore our guests benefit from our reception, a public area with Wi-Fi internet, coffee station and library.


Prainha preserves its original life animated by the sea and country side crafts. It offers a good sort of services, local commerce and food and beverage outlets. Rooming through the streets and pathways of Prainha, we admire the stone houses and cellars, the ancient threshing-floors and vineyards, the cultures and affairs which have occupied our Prainha people for generations.

The Adegas do Pico stone cottages, being spread throughout the village, encourages the contact with the local population, creating authentic, memorable and unique experiences to the visiting ones:

Either Mr. Osvaldo invites us in for a local licour tasting and a chat; Ms. Rosa arrives from the pastures and greets us with fresh milk from the happiest cows in the world; or Mr. Leonardo harbours overloaded with the catch of the day and offers us the freshest fish of the Atlantic.

The village square, where the church stands, is the agora of the local villagers. Here, in festivity days, we can proudly hear the local philarmonic band playing from the beautifully designed stage and to take part in the frenzy and laughter of the local chamarrita dances. Complying with the catholic calendar of the Pentecost, in the Espírito Santo shrine meals area served and traditional bread is given away to residents and visitors.

In the rainny days the numberless creeks can be listened throughout the village enliving its rural landscape with its melody. Nossa Senhora creek, which passes by a few of the Adegas do Pico houses, drains into the Atlantic at Canto da Areia – the single sandy beach in the island.

At the Adegas do Pico, our guests are welcome by the tradition of our rural houses and the warmth of the celebrated Azorean hospitality.