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Dear partners and travelers,

Coronavirus Update of March 10th, 2020


As of today, Tuesday March 10th, the emergency coronavirus measures that were put in place for Northern Italy, which include travel restrictions and a ban on public gatherings,  has been extended to the entire country.
These measure were enacted in order to further limit the circulation of people and slow down the speed at which the infection is transmitted.

Therefore, it is with heavy hearts that we inform you all Italian attractions  will be closed until April 03, 2020.
This is following an extraordinary measure taken under Decree of the Italian PM of March 9, 2020 to contain the contagion of the Covid-19.

For the safety of all, during this circumstance, our Italy programs are forced to stop operating regular services until April throughout the entire
Italian territory. This painful, yet necessary decision, had to be taken for the safety of all!

We are getting in touch with all our travel agents, who have clients in destination and that booked any of our services to inform them of the following options:
a) A full refund for the services that will not be delivered.
b) Value of that portion can go toward another future trip (travel voucher/credit)

For agents who have travel dates from April 4 onward, your Alitours Representative will contact you with regards to additional options for clients.

Thank you for your understanding, we promise Italy will be brought back to you and your client even more beautiful and great to live than before: just be patient and support us.

Additional Information:
Throughout the Italian territory, all public places, and/or places of large crowds will remain closed; these include museums and historical sites, as well as theatres and any event, touristic attractions are clearly not going to be available (currently this is foreseen until April 3rd).
Bars and restaurants can remain open until 6 PM but have to ensure a minimum distance between people attending and in any case aggregation of more than few people is forbidden, including outside (a number of bars, shops and restaurants are therefore closed); supermarkets remain open provided the minimum distance is guaranteed;
Hotels remain indirectly involved by the measures (although closing is now an option for many) and transportation continues to be regularly in service but they are both subject to the limitation of general movement that has been enforced. People are invited to adopt virtual work (work-from-home) as much as possible, though moving is allowed for government work reasons as well as for public health officials and necessary family assistance.
Though the above sounds a bit like a war-time curfew, the atmosphere is of a rather well-controlled, decently communicated and properly adopted set of civic behavioral requirements: everyone seems now to understand that a rapid resolution of this unwelcome crisis depends on each person in the territory doing its best not to propagate the infection, while the sanitary system does its job.

We will keep you posted on any further updates.