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NEW! 2017 Rates

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  • 01 April – 06 April | 17 April – 30 June | 16 September – 31 October

    *Rates are PER DAY unless otherwise indicated

    GroupModel / Similar
    3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days7 Days8-20 Days
    (per day)
    Add Extra Day+21 Days
    (per day)
    Add Extra Day
    AFIAT Panda10914518121721731712871
    BMitsubishi Colt12016020023923934783178
    CFord Fiesta13117421726126137853485
    ORenault Clio14118823528228240923692
    EFord Focus15220325330430444993999
    NPeugeot 3081852463073693695312047120
    FRenault Megane ST1952603253903905612750127
    LCitroen C4 Automatic2182903634364366214256142
    GOpel Insignia2293053814574576514959149
    HBWM 3 Series3364486516736739621986219
    DPeugeot 5082723624535435437817770177
    KFord Transit 9L402536670804804115261104261
    IFord S Max391522652783783112254101254
    MMercedes E Class456608760912912130297117297
    JBMW 7 Series60080801,0001,2001,200172390154390
    PMini Cooper2503344175005007216264162
  • 07 – 16 April | 01 – 14 July | 17 August – 15 September | 19 December – 01 January (2018) | 24 March – 31 March

    *Rates are PER DAY unless otherwise indicated

    GroupModel/Similar3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days7 Days8 - 20 Days
    (per day)
    Extra+ 21 DaysExtra
    AFiat Panda1632172723263264710642106
    BMitsubishi Colt1632392983583585111646116
    CFord Fiesta1772603253903905612750127
    ORenault Clio1932833544254256113854138
    EFord Focus2083053814574576514959149
    NPeugeot 3082773694625545547918071180
    FRenault Megane ST2933914895865868419075190
    LCitroen C4 Automático3264345436516519321284212
    GOpel Insignia3434575716866869822388223
    HBMW Serie 350667484310111011144329130329
    DPeugeot 508 Automático407543679815815116265105265
    KFord Transit 9L603804100412051205172392155392
    IFord S Max58678297711731173168381151381
    MMercedes Classe E685913114113691369196445176445
    JBMW Serie 79001201150118011801257585231585
    PMini Cooper CC37550062575075010724496244
  • 15 July – 16 August

    *Rates are PER DAY unless otherwise indicated

    GroupModel/Similar3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days7 Days8 - 20 Days
    (per day)
    Extra+ 21 DaysExtra
    AFiat Panda1982633303963965712951129
    BMitsubishi Colt2082783474164165913554135
    CFord Fiesta2373163954744746815461154
    ORenault Clio2773694625545547918071180
    EFord Focus2953944925915918419276192
    NPeugeot 30835647459371171110223191231
    FRenault Megane ST416555694832832119271107271
    LCitroen C4 Automático54472690710891089156354140354
    GOpel Insignia419559699839839120272108272
    HBMW Serie 37701026128315391539220500198500
    DPeugeot 508 Automático682910113713651365195444175444
    KFord Transit 9L7521003125415041505215489193489
    IFord S Max715953119114291429204464184465
    MMercedes Classe E8311108138516621662238540214540
    JBMW Serie 712131617202224272427347788312789
    PMini Cooper CC667890111213351335191433172434


Important Notes:

Due to the fleet updating, the models presented can be replaced by similar ones.
* Limited vehicles per each city, please inquire for availability.
All entire rentals will be charged by the price valid at the beginning of the rental.

This insurance included gives protection in case of accident (crash, collision or roll-over), allowing to reduce the excess to minimum value. This protection excludes vandalism acts, tires and plates, windows, lower and upper parts of the vehicle without crash, incorrect use of the vehicle or disrespect of the road code. This insurance gives protection in case of vehicle or part theft, allowing to reduce the excess to minimum value stated on the rates.

Rates Include:

Unlimited Mileage, Road Assistance 24 hours, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection (TP), subject to an excess, Road Tax & Vat

Rates DO NOT Include:

Airport Service Fee (29.00 Euro), Fuel and Additional Services (Please check EXTRA INSURANCE & ADDITIONAL SERVICES below.)